10 – The Open Mic Phenomenon (Marty Wurst)

For this episode, Mark talks to stand-up comedian Marty Wurst to discuss the phenomenon of Open Mics: Advice, the different types, the people you might find on stage and in the audience, the clubs, lottery draws, the performances, bringer shows, the ups and downs, the jokes, and everything in between.

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9 – Funny Songs (Eileen Weiner)

Mark Selzer sits with comedian, actress, and musician, Eileen Weiner, to discuss music, comedy, politics, and everything in between. They also play a few of their songs including “Occupy My Vagina” (EW), “Friend Me” (EW), “Transgender Fender Bender” (MS), “The C… in Country Music” (EW), “Captain Kirk” (MS), “Bipolar Barbie” (EW), “The Ballad Of Bill Cosby” (EW), “The Ballad of Stinky Dean” (MS),  “Mommy Dearest” (EW), “Laundry Mat” (MS), “PC Blues” (EW), “If I Only Had a Dick” (EW), “Scamilton” (EW), and “Bugfight!” (MS).

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Records: http://stoopidrecords.musicstack.com/
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6 – Musical Potatoes with Todd Taylor

Mark sits down in a parking lot for an impromptu musical podcast with long-time collaborator Todd Taylor. They play a few songs: Bullfrog (Todd Taylor), “Stinky Dean”(Mark Selzer), “Love Key” (Todd Taylor), “Drunken Cub Master” (Mark Selzer). Check it out!

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3 – Steven Alan Green

Long time comedian Steven Alan Green met with mark over lunch to talk about fame, The Comedy Store and Jerry Lewis. This is a story that no one should miss especially anyone who has ever even dreamed of working in the entertainment industry.


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